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Det er slut med OSRAM - VIRUS BIO skifter adresse

Indlæg: tirs 31. mar 2009 09:35
af Dr. Humpp


Juraj Herz's film THE CREMATOR has been described in many ways - as surrealist-inspired horror, as expressionist fantasy, as a dark and disturbing tale of terror. This brilliantly chilling film, a mix of Dr Strangelove and Repulsion, is set in Prague during the Nazi occupation. It tells the story of Karl Kopfrkingl (Rudolf Hrušínský), a professional cremator, for whom the political climate allows free rein to his increasingly deranged impulses for the 'salvation of the world'. 1968/95 min. English subt.


Hiroshi Teshigahara's THE FACE OF ANOTHER is one of cinema's most haunting explorations of identity. A man (Tatsuya Nakadai) facially disfigured in a laboratory fire persuades his doctor to fashion him a lifelike mask modelled on a complete stranger - totally different from his own face. Shortly after the mask is made, he successful seduces his own wife (Machiko Kyo) but becomes angry at her falling for a handsome stranger. When confronted, she claims she knew it was him all along, but his worries about his looks, and the way the mask seems to influence his identity, lead him to question everything. 1966/124 min. English subt.

Ny filmklub/forening, VIRUS BIO, har premiere Mandag 6. april kl. 20.00 @ BOLSJEFABRIKKEN, Glentevej 8 B ved Nørrebro St. - Gratis entré! Første mandag i hver måned fremover!!

Indlæg: tirs 31. mar 2009 17:04
af Ovesen
fede film at starte op på!

Indlæg: man 6. apr 2009 07:29
af Dr. Humpp
Tak. Det er i aften - GRATIS ENTRÉ!

Der er øl, soda, chips og kaffe til salg, samt Captain Beefheart mellem filmene. Ses.

Indlæg: man 6. apr 2009 11:17
af Vi Har Sjov
Lyder labert. Vil prøve at nå det.

Indlæg: ons 29. apr 2009 15:21
af Dr. Humpp

Valerie (Jaroslava Schallerová) is the young teenage girl who lives with her grandmother. She feels the first stirring of sexual awareness when a carnival parade comes to town. Eagle (Petr Kopriva) is the young man who presents her with a pair of magic earrings. Her fantasy adventures begin when she imagines she is the daughter of a bishop with a hideous visage. Her grandmother becomes a vampire. She pretends to be dead when a priest tries to rape her by swallowing one of the earrings. The line between dreams and reality is blurred in this surreal and psychological fantasy. 80 mins.

One of the chief purveyors of the Japanese New Wave cinema, auteur Yasuzo Masumara is the mastermind behind this frightening, surreal and erotic horror film. Based on a short story by Edogawa Rampo, BLIND BEAST tells the disturbing story of a blind sculptor who is obsessed with the female form. He caters to his unhealthy fixation by kidnapping an artists' model and holding her captive in his studio. Wildly fetishistic and claustrophobic, BLIND BEAST will blow your mind! 86 mins.

VIRUS BIO : Mandag 4. maj kl. 20.00 : Bolsjefabrikken, Glentevej 8 B ved Nørrebro St.

Kaffe, sodavand, øl og snacks sælges. Film første mandag i hvert måned!!

Indlæg: man 4. maj 2009 09:30
af Dr. Humpp
Så er det i aften. Vi skal nok starte kl. 20 præcis, jan, det lover jeg.

Indlæg: tirs 5. maj 2009 08:02
af Dr. Humpp
Tak for det pæne fremmøde. Jeg synes de to film klædte hinanden (østeuropa/japan virker som en god combo), selvom et par piger der prøvede at grine af Blind Beast pludselig blev så underligt tavse de sidste 10 ekstreme minutter af den japanske 'lovestory'. :)

Næste fremvisning den 1.juni starter allerede kl. 19.00, da jeg skal ud og se Wooden Shjips på Loppen.

Indlæg: tirs 5. maj 2009 12:21
af Thomsen
Blind Beast er fandeme også en cool film!

Indlæg: tirs 19. maj 2009 16:24
af Dr. Humpp


GATE OF FLESH (1964. 90 min. Japan)
A couple of years before his cult yakuza thrillers Tokyo Drifter and Branded To Kill, Japanese director Seijun Suzuki courted controversy with this near-the-knuckle drama. Based on the novel by Taijiro Tamura, it focuses on a group of Tokyo prostitutes at the end of the Second World War. Entirely business minded, these glamorous girls govern themselves by strict rules (for instance, anyone who offers their services for free gets sadistically punished). These regulations have stark consequences for one of their number (Yumiko Nogawa) when she falls in love with a thief who hides out in the women's home. The naked beatings subsequently delivered add a sheen of edgy exploitation, but it's the dark reality of postwar life, not the titillation, that is Suzuki's masterstroke. Stylistically, too, he's on inspirational form, with his surreal ravishing use of colour giving the film the overall look and feel of a twisted Hollywood musical.


THE LICKERISH QUARTET (1970. 87 min. Italy/Germany/USA)
From soft-core hauteur Radley Metzger, the quintessential director of elegant erotica. An erotic psychedelic duet for four players! A bored, bickering aristocratic family become obsessed with a striking young blonde actress while watching an erotic film. The comely blonde is soon invited back to the family’s elegant seaside mansion and takes turns seducing the family members during a succession of racy romps. Filmed in the breathtaking Castle of Balsorano in the Abruzzi mountains, Italy, The Lickerish Quartet is tastefully stylish and playfully smart.

"An outrageously kinky masterpiece!" (Andy Warhol).

NB! Første film starter allerede kl. 19.00 (pga Wooden Shjips spiller senere på Loppen)

Kaffe, sodavand, øl og snacks sælges. Film første mandag i hvert måned - GRATIS!!

Bolsjefabrikken, Glentevej 8 B ved Nørrebro St.

Indlæg: ons 1. jul 2009 13:55
af Dr. Humpp
Virus Bio holder sommerferie, vender tilbage i August.

Indlæg: lør 1. aug 2009 17:40
af Dr. Humpp
Desværre ingen film på mandag, stadig sommerferie. Den 7. september er VIRUS BIO tilbage.

Her er et foto I kan hygge jer med i mellemtiden:


Go' august!

Indlæg: lør 1. aug 2009 19:56
af Jack J
Hvis du så i det mindste havde klippet den gale tysker væk.

Indlæg: man 3. aug 2009 14:13
af Dr. Humpp

Indlæg: tors 27. aug 2009 12:51
af Dr. Humpp
Ingen VIRUS BIO foreløbig, Bolsjefabrikken er lukket (flyttet?). Tak til alle der mødte op.

Indlæg: tors 27. aug 2009 15:59
af Jack J
Dr. Humpp skrev:Billede

Ja absolut (selvom det nu er manden på billedet, der har overtaget den sorte farve :x ).